About Us

Thoughtless Ambitions became the chosen name about 6 years ago. Jordyn, Kyler and 2 of their childhood buddies wanted something that linked their cars together. They brain stormed and came up with nothing. One of the buddies texted Jord one day and said "hey what about Thoughtless Ambitions". They liked it because when you love a build, the drive (ambition to get it how you see it in your head) becomes something you don't need to think twice about. When you love something eventually you will make it happen. That is what we are seeing now; our ambition to get our names out there and reach new heights. 6 years after naming Thoughtless Ambitions, Jord now has a car he wants to build, and Kyler has a pretty wicked 370z. It is time to get TA out into the world.
We are British Columbian car crew with a huge passion for anything with wheels!
We don’t hate and aren't partial to jdm or muscle; Each and every build is a expression of an individual’s love for cars.
We are always looking to expand and grow as a crew if you are interested or looking to join a crew pm us and I’m sure we can work it out.
You can also find us on Instagram and Facebook as “Thoughtless Ambitions” feel free to hashtag or tag our name to get our attention.
Look forward to meeting everyone and looking forward to growing as a crew!