Rome's Mustang

Rome’s toy is a 1995 Mustang GT. What’s his favorite part about the car? “I love that before I got my Mustang, I absolutely hated this model. I thought it was the ugliest Mustang that ford made. When I bought it, I was like ‘man this feels like a really good car, she sounds good, she feels fast’ and then I started modifying it and I was like ‘she looks so good I think I love this car’.
The factory 5.0L is going back under the hood with mods like Gt40 heads, and a Comp Cam and is being switched over from fuel injection to fuel injected carb. It also have an a/c delete and a smog pump delete. What’s the reasoning behind the swap you may be thinking. Well, it’s mostly to simplify everything. The factory wiring harness is very messy and runs under the strut tower. Which when you're lowered and throwing the weight of the car around can cause you to rub through it. The swap will make everything simple which will make it easier to diagnose, if something goes wrong on the track. Currently, it has a half cage. So basically from the doors back, but he is putting a Formula Drift level cage in it. In her current state, the tubular front end is done. The rear is cut and is going to get welded up and the fuel cell in. Then Rome can start on the bash bars and cage. He says “We really want to develop the chassis this year and just get it done. That way all we have to worry about is power mods later on”. She has an aftermarket steering wheel and quick release, 2 sparco bucket seats but he is switching out the drivers seat for an OMP Halo seat. The Mustang has an ASD inline handbrake system, Crow 5 point harnesses, battery relocation to behind the driver's seat, and Rome will be putting a fire suppression system in the car. He is also putting a rear firewall in since we are running a fuel cell. The interior has also been stripped and painted white. Rome has the signature of everyone who has worked on the car on the roof. He said “I think that gives some extra character to the car”.
So what’s her name we asked.

“I just call her the Driftstang.”

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