Rene's BRZ

Welcome to Feature Friday!

This week was Jordyn’s pick.

Rene has a 2017 Subaru BRZ sport tech. It has a tuned FA20 4 banger boxer engine, unequal length headers for that Subaru rumble, and a Perrin intake. My cat back exhaust is a spec D. He says “I just need a catless front pipe and I’ll shoot flames. I have the burble tune on my open flash tablet tuner just a simple plug and play kit.” The car has Aodhan ah08 wheels in gold with a 18x9.5 +30 square fitment, running 225 45 Nokian tires square as well. It is lowered on Tein Street coilovers. It also has a rep APR wing. There are big plans for this car, even though it's really pretty the way it sits right now. The wheels will be going gloss white. Then add an all carbon aggressive duckbill or all carbon fiber trunk with the duckbill molded in. Rene would really like a turbo kit as well.

So what started the love of cars? “Ever since I was little, I’d get my mom to buy me hot wheels and I’d break them with a hammer. Then I would try to put them back together, but I failed. Once I was older, I’d buy self model build kits of cars or trucks.” So why did he buy the BRZ? “I’d watch lots of YouTubers with the 86 chassis either it was a frs/gt86/brz, but the BRZ front bumper looks so happy.” So he chose the BRZ.

Check this one out. You won’t be sorry.


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  • Wicked ride!!


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