Quinn's 240

Welcome to Feature Friday.

This is Quinn’s 240 LE.

The 240 is a 1993 dual cam LE Super Hicas. It has a leather interior and a sunroof. Quinn started off as just wanting to drift and the 240sx is one of the best cars for that. It has now progressed into a burning passion for his car and JDM machinery. He is running a Spec stage 4 racing clutch, solid rear subframe bushings and complete polyurethane bushings on literally everything. It has a welded diff, NRG short-shifter, PBM coil-overs all around and it’s straight piped to a Magnaflow muffler and shoots fire. This summer Quinn is going to be fully building the motor and boosting it with a turbo hoping for 400hp. Quinn’s favorite memory in this car is from last Summer when he went drifting with Derek and the kid with the automatic 370 randomly on a rainy day when he was in Quesnel.

The love of cars started early. Quinn says “growing up my dad owned Datsun 240z’s and he took me to car meets and clubs. I think that’s what really hooked me.”

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