Matt's MK4 Supra

Welcome to Feature Friday!
This week Megan picked Matt’s MK4 Supra.
Matt decided he was going to build a Supra after the first time he saw one. He got a job a week after seeing one and started saving. It originally had the N/A 2JZ-GE in it. He sourced out all the parts for a turbo build and ended up with a BW s366 in it. He says “I did it all myself. Then I spent every day in the shop at Four Function in Kelowna when they were tuning it, working on it with them.” He started the build at 17, and before that had never done more than a tire change. He said “it was a slow and nerve racking project, but the internet guided me through most of it with some helping hands from friends and the Supra community on Facebook.” He blew up the engine last Summer, bought a new one and did the tear apart and swap in under 2 weeks. It is currently sitting around 390 whp at 11 lbs boost. He needs a 6speed transmission and then everything is ready to be turned up. Looking back, he said he would do it again but he would look for the 2JZ-GTE and send the turbos to be redone. Other than the motor work, he has kept it stock, aside from a Momo Mod 8 Steering wheel. He has 19” Vertini Fairlady rims with a 275 back tire and 235 front tire.
Future plans include a new body and paint.
There is just something about a Supra...

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