Matt’s IS300

Welcome to Feature Friday!

Today we have brought you Matt’s 2001 Lexus IS300.

The IS300 is sporting a 2JZ-GE swap, with a mishimoto radiator, NGK plugs, and a HKS Y pipe exhaust with a muffler delete. It is sitting on Tein Coilovers, JZX100 upper control arms, and 18” AVID.1 AV06 wheels with rolled and pulled fenders. Inside is sporting a momo shifter knob, and custom interior lights. Matt’s future plans include a turbo kit and a quick release steering wheel. 

So what made Matt choose the IS300? He said: “I’m in love with 4 door cars and drifting. This is the perfect match for it. I also love the reliability with Toyota. Before this car I had an LS400 and after a year of that I wanted to upgrade to an is300.” 

Matt grew up with cars, but they were always muscle cars. His dad is a mechanic so he got bit by the car bug early in life. He went to a drift event a long time ago and saw a mint coloured 1JZ Altezza drifting at the track and that's when he fell in love with 4 door cars/is300’s and Matt said: “I have talked to other locals and that same car has a lot of guys wanting a is300 or any Toyota sedan.”

Check out this super clean car.

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