Garrett's 1983 VW Rabbit GTI


Welcome to Feature Friday!

This week we are featuring Garrett’s 1983 VW Rabbit GTI.

Garrett bought it from a kid that couldn't get it running. There was a missing sensor on the intake manifold and just caused a huge vacuum leak. He found it and put a little plug that cost me 15 cents and it fired right up. It came from California originally. Garrett has had it about 4 years now. He bought right when I got my N It's still stock like he bought it. He doesn't know the exact history on the motor but he has a suspicion that the ecu was chipped. For 115hp stock, and it only weighs 2000lbs with Garrett in it, he says “it goes pretty good”. The interior has Corbeau racing seats, and is completely stripped except for a Momo steering wheel, the battery, 50% of the dash and some carpet.

Garrett plans on building the 2.0l that's in it into a 2.1l that can push around 300hp na with a little nitrous. He would like to replace some of the body with carbon/fiberglass like the hood, hatch etc, and semi restore it, including a repaint. Later on in the future, he says he “would like to build a single turbo 3.6l vr6 and convert it to AWD but that's gonna be a long time”.

So what sparked Garrett’s interest in vehicles? He says “My dad's been a mechanic going on almost 40 years. I grew up with old Mopar but later on I grew to like lighter smaller vehicles thus me owning my Volkswagen and my rx7 two light small vehicles. I've been working in the automotive industry since 18 and will probably always be working on and building cars till I die.

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