Daymeyien's Nissan 200SX

Welcome to Feature Friday! 

This week we are looking at Daymeyien's 1986 Nissan 200SX Turbo.

In 1986, this was the top of the line 200SX. It came with power windows, power locks, two tone paint and it had a ca18et originally (1.8 liter single cam turbo motor). 30 some years later, Daymeyien picked it up as a shell with half of the interior and the original engine harness. It currently has a ca20e running on the turbo ecu and harness. When asked if he was doing anything cool to it this Winter he said: "He started it and redlined it when the water pump was frozen, and after some minor repairs, I’ve decided it’s finally time to return it to its former glory. So it’s getting a turbo over winter." It is also going to see a S13 front suspension swap, just got some used Tein coilovers for the time being. As well as new brakes all the way around. He might cut the rear springs more and sort out the rear suspension further. He has a Grip Royal wheel on its way, and he would like to find carpet for it but he says "it’s next to impossible without ordering a new one from rockauto". Maybe a set of Garage Moon Power floor mats and some coloured interior leds before it comes out of hibernation.

So what started the want to build cars? "My first car was a 1986 Mustang with a V6. I think the thrill of doing donuts and drifting down dirt roads is what really got me into it!"

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