December 2021

We want to fill you guys in on what’s been going on behind the scenes with Thoughtless Ambitions!
We have been working hard for the last few months, developing new designs for apparel for you guys! We have some new styles / items for each and everyone of you! These are all built to order and usually see them at your door within 10-14 days! We want to say thank you to Megan for all her hard work, and for donating so much time to all these designs and items that we are able to release to you all. 

We also started into YouTube again! We have a few builds going on here over the Winter. The main ones we will be featuring are Sally and Ritta! 

Sally won’t be undergoing quiet as big of a change as she did the previous years but we are excited to show you her transformation into Sally 2.0 for next Summer! Sally’s link is as follows for her latest episode! 

Ritta will keep us on our toes. Having no motor and most of the interior out of it, we have our hands full! We will be learning as we go and invite you to join us on the journey! Ritta’s link is as follows for her latest episode! 

Both of these builds can be found on the Thoughtless Ambitions YouTube page under Tent Talk! 

We are working on a lot more behind the scenes for next years car season, and we will be releasing that as soon as we can! Keep your eyes on the Insider Scoop to stay in the loop! 


We would also like to introduce Kyler! He’s a co-owner of Thoughtless Ambitions and was known for his static 370z. We aren’t sure if it’s known or not yet, but…. The 370z has been sold and he has moved on to something new. He completely flipped car worlds and that’s what we love most about Thoughtless! It’s inclusive of everyone’s loves for different styles and makes! 

Kyler brought home a 2015 Ford Mustang Gt Premium package! He refers to it as “The Stang” as he just hasn’t found a name for it yet. 

He bought the Stang at the end of last season. He was asked why such a drastic change for him happened and his response was “ I loved the Z, everything about it. The way the car was so perfectly balanced made it a total dream to drive. I always leaned towards JDM cars, but 3 years ago, I saw a stanced out s550 and after that I couldn’t get them out of my head. I waited a year and went to test drive a 2015 GT. I was throughly impressed but wasn’t quite ready to pull the trigger. Fast forward 2 years to this year, I started looking more seriously. I came across this 2015 Gt premium model and I knew I had to have it! It had all I wanted and more! So this Stang I ended up with already had the Roush stage 1 supercharger on it pushing about 670hp. It came with a full Roush exhuast, RTR front grill with a RTR shift knob. It has aftermarket wheels (that need to be changed) and is lowered on springs. I have to stay I love the car and never thought I’d be in a domestic. I do miss the nimbleness of the 370z but I can’t wait to start making the Stang my own! Lots of plans coming for the car!” 

Safe to say sometimes I’m going for a cruise can lead to falling in love with that dream car you never knew you wanted! 

We are very excited to show you a now of “The Stang” and then an after when Kyler is done with it! 

As always fam! Don’t discriminate and just live the best life you can live! 

Stay Thoughtless!


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